Nous trois
Nous trois
Salle à manger
Montréal en lumière 2017
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HuÎtres Sex on the bay
La Chef!
Salle à Manger
Staff été 2017
Brunch du temps des sucres
Short ribs bison
Gnocchi main de la Chef
tatare de coeur
Chef à domicile
Poutine week

Three associates, two leitmotifs, one restaurant!

The dinning room.

Tartare of char and lobster from Gaspesie

Beef shoulder, béarnaise sauce and rapini

Won ton of rabbit, Asian sauce with maple

The Bar!

From New Brunswick

sex on the bay oysters

Our Chef! Marie-France

On the menu to night...

Team work!

Ham of goat with maple, just out of the oven.

Short ribs of bison, purée and jelly of carrot


Scallop, corn bread, jicama, foam of sea-buckthorn, pepper and giger

Tartare of hearts of duck, nuts oil and homemade chips

We offer a caterer service and chef at home.

Olivier 514-668-9242

Poutine week from the 1st to 7th February


Wildly blended family of experienced restauration professionals, lovers of good food fond of conviviality, we have decided to unite otherwise. Chez Chose is born of a desire to share our passion and our talent. And we covet the stars, a ton of stars... that burts in the eyes of our guests as the adventure begins and once it is complete.


«Do not skimp on quality and smiles.»

«You can never be supplied better than by local suppliers.»