Your hosts

Manon Nadeau

Graduating in Hospitality in 1995, Manon chooses restauration as a professional renewal. Fond of good food and wine, she will guide you through our wine list and will unearth for you a wonderfully personalized match of food and wine. Enjoy her charming smile, her discretion as well as her professionalism.


Robert Martin

You cannot remain indifferent to the detailed menu explanation of this pleasant joker. Robert has over 30 years of restaurant experience and has been co-owner of restaurant La Pinpinoise which received the silver medal of the Ordre de la restauration du Quebec in 1989. This passionate waiter will make you enjoy the wonderful moment.


Marie-France Desrosiers

While she recently entered her thirties, Marie-France Desrosiers, a chef graduate, has already spent half her
life in professional cuisine. Perhaps have you already tasted a few of her culinary artworks while she was executive chef at restaurant Chez Julien in La Prairie, or during her stay at golf club Le Mirage where she was sous chef, to only name a couple.



A young and dynamic chef, Marie-France is allergic to repetitiveness and boredom. Her need for creativity drives her to reinvent her menu from day to day. Greatly fond of traveling, Marie-France loves to land in the unknown with only a backpack, eager to discover to local gastronomy amidst the local markets. Her inspiring adventures abroad always leave their mark on the slate and on your plate.

Very aware of the relevance and the need to highlight the producers here, her favorite playground remains the land of Quebec. Marie-France does not skimp on the freshness or quality of the raw materials she buys. She also pays a lot of attention to how these raw materials are handled and processed. She is master of all ingredients integrating her culinary creations. As she likes to say:


« Rather die and close the restaurant than serve dishes made of powder. Freshness is priceless, as is respect for my clients and my profession. »


So here we are, Chez Chose was born of these three associates!